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Welcome to the Hansen & Bringle showroom. Our skilled and award-winning designers are here to bring your vision to life. They are ready to transform your ideas into full-fledged manufacturing plans for custom cabinets in Key West and the beautiful Florida Keys.

Tour the showroom

Our designers will take you on a tour of the H&B showroom to review our work samples. Learn about our custom crafted cabinets, millwork, built-ins, and more.

The showroom is also a great way to find new ideas and the right materials for your home. If you know you want to update your home but aren’t sure where to turn, rely on the H&B showroom to spark your creativity. While we specialize in Key West built in cabinets, H&B offers a variety of cabinetry options for every room in your home.

Hand drawings or renderings

When you sit down with our designers, they will ask about your grand vision. It’s helpful if you have sketches, pictures, or measurements of your home to show them.

Using this information, the designers will mock up either a hand-drawn sketch or rendering to review together.

For renderings, the designers build a full, 3D rendering of your project using Cabinet Vision software, which builds a photorealistic model of your project so you know exactly how H&B’s custom cabinets will fit in your home. 


The H&B showroom features numerous materials and finishes for you to sample. We can update the materials in real time according to your exacting specifications.

White glove service

H&B is committed to you. While we’re known for the high quality of our work, we’re renowned for our dedication to customer excellence. H&B values your trust and your business.

Our team of designers is here to pull your project off without a hitch.

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