Custom Kitchen Cabinet Designers in Key West

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Hansen & Bringle knows kitchen cabinets. Whether you are looking to achieve a traditional or contemporary look, H&B has the experience to do the job right.

Our dedicated team of experienced kitchen designers helps you determine the best design, layout, and materials for your home. We specialize in custom Key West kitchen cabinets, designing cabinetry at the intersection of aesthetics and function.

Best of all, our average turnaround time is 4 – 6 weeks. Thanks to our CNC machining process, H&B crafts custom kitchen cabinets in a fraction of the time. Enjoy the turnaround of stock cabinets with the quality, durability, and beauty of a custom job.

From the custom cabinetry experts

40 years of quality

H&B takes pride in repeat business. Since 1978, we’ve helped generations of homeowners build their legacy, room by room.  

Homeowners choose H&B for their custom kitchen cabinets because our CNC machining allows for precision-crafted cabinetry. Thanks to CNC technology, we can design down to just a sixteenth of an inch, giving your family more space for pantry items, pots, pans, and more.

Our specialty Key West kitchen cabinets are unique because:

  • They’re completely customizable: H&B’s CNC machining process allows us to maximize your kitchen’s utility. Our European-style, all-wood construction is built to last. Our soft close hardware protects your cabinets and maintains your home’s peaceful atmosphere.
  • We use specialty finishing: H&B offers infinite options to style your cabinets. We give you custom paint matches, hand-brushed glazes, distressing techniques, and more. 
  • We paint in a controlled booth: Our controlled paint booth ensures your cabinets get an even layer of paint with zero imperfections. 
  • We protect your cabinets with catalyzed conversion varnish: Catalyzed conversion varnish protects your cabinets’ paint and makes them resistant to moisture, which is critical in a busy kitchen. 

Avoid maintenance issues down the line. If you’re in the market for a custom kitchen, look no further than H&B.

Check out our past work to see what we can do for your kitchen.