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Manufacturing custom cabinets in Key West and the Florida Keys

The H&B shop is located in the heart of Key West, Florida. Measuring 8,000 square feet, our team manufactures custom cabinets and architectural millwork on-site. In fact, we’re the largest cabinet maker in the Florida Keys that does local manufacturing.

H&B has always been more than a cabinet designer: we offer custom, locally-made pieces that are as unique as your home.

Our dedication to local architecture and design earned H&B recognition as an approved builder for the Old Island Restoration Foundation. We’ve also won a Certificate of Excellence from the Historic Florida Keys Foundation.

CNC Machining

H&B turns around custom cabinetry in as little as four weeks. The secret? Our CNC machining.

CNC routers allow us to upload custom cabinet designs and mill pieces in just minutes. Get the bespoke design you want at factory prices, thanks to this amazing technology. It’s CNC technology that allows H&B to offer custom cabinetry at the price and turnaround time of stock cabinets.

Aside from time and price, CNC removes design barriers, too. This state of the art technology allows for precision-crafted cabinetry. We aren’t limited by a 3” increment that you find in stock cabinets.

H&B designs down to a sixteenth of an inch to fill virtually every inch of your space. There are no unnecessary fillers; just usable storage for your family.

Custom architectural millwork

H&B specializes in custom architectural millwork. No matter the style, we have the experience to match the existing moulding in your home. Thanks to our large inventory of moulding knives, we have readymade moulds available for your use. H&B also uses a knife grinder to create custom moulds just for your home.

Experienced designers

H&B knows that it’s one thing to create a beautiful design and another to marry that design with function. Our team of experienced designers does just that.

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or building the bathroom of your dreams, our experts specialize in designing custom cabinetry. Partner with our experts to choose the right cabinetry to fit your lifestyle, personality, and home.

Work with H&B as your one-stop provider for all things custom cabinet design, manufacturing, and even installation.

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